Our design team can research your market position and develop concept boards for a capsule in about 8.5 working days. Net.

This is excluding days we're being briefed. Thereafter if you like what you see we can cad out 10 styles with color ways and fabric options in another 7 days. (We've got it down to a science)

Thats about 3 weeks if you include weekends. All in all we can pull together a story with product, graphics, colors, labels, trims packaging a name and a narrative supported by a market strategy and we can do it in about a month excluding time for revisions. (I wouldn't try this at home by the way. Closed course, professional driver.. conditions may vary..etc)

Generally speaking capsules aren't that popular in a down market because brands are already challenged with excess inventory. And that could be true, but the reality is the problem is the unsold inventory not the capsule, and that problem is there whether you do the capsule or not. So fix it already and lets move forward. 

Inventory aside here are 2 good reasons why capsules are necessary, actually vital, to your brand's presentation in the market

  • Your DNA can't be everything to everyone and often trends begin to form that don't exactly fit your identity. But that doesn't mean you have to pass on the business. Do it as a capsule - a group of styles that sits outside the main body of the line. If it works hold on if it doesn't, drop it.
  • A capsule is as much a marketing venue than anything else. Use it as a place to test new directions in new categories. To send out tracers in the dark 

Three more things on capsules

  • First, they can't become dollar traders, meaning there's no point in coming up with something new if it takes away from something thats already there. The point is to create incremental business not trade one style for another.  
  • If there's no trend supporting the concept why waste your time? Anyone can come up with something new but if its not relevant to whats emerging in the market its an unnecessary drain on resources.
  • They demand patience. A strong capsule won't succeed right out the gate. If it does its more than likely gimmick driven - but a capsule thats been done for the right market reasons will take time to seed and then bloom. When Hurley came out with the Phantom it was 1 or maybe 2 styles priced north of $90 (if I remember correctly). It took years and a ton of marketing support but ultimately Phantom became a franchise.

Attached is a link for a capsule we helped Rusty initiate. Its called Metal Aloha. Read the how and why it worked. 

We have 2 capsules designed and ready, right now, all thats missing is a brand to tie them to.