Co-labs are a way to inspire energy and bring more story to a your presentation. And in an apparel environment that's feeling the downward pressure of commodity pricing along with the reality that tech products are taking a bigger slice of discretionary income, well, anything new and exciting is welcome relief.

The value add on a good lab plays out as follows:

1) Double Buzz

Each brand's social media and PR effort combine to create more juice for both sides

2) Possible New Distribution

Depending on the product types there is the possibility of new volume with accounts that would have never considered buying your product otherwise

3) Exposure to new process and alternative ways of doing things is always enlightening no matter how different the product types are.

So, that said, want to hook up? Who doesn't! Everyone wants to hook up, they just don't know where the party is. And sometimes the connection comes through obscure channels. Try this one - a mainstream cooking magazine in the US meets a hipster restaurant in Sydney meets Monster Children one of the alt.hip youth culture mags. And how do these 3 unlikely bedfellows match up? They satisfy the only requirement for a Lab partner - which is to be good at something. Any fucking thing will do. Because if you're good at it brands want to be attached.

You can launch your brand on the strengths of brand labs - Captain Fin is a great example. They make fins. Not exactly an on fire category at retail. Yet they've made headway into apparel on the backs of Vans and others. Then there's Stussy - they've been labbing like rabbits for years. Its a great way to bring diversity to your line without the investment in inventory.

A big noisemaking lab can propel a product launch to unimaginable heights. Take the Adidas launch with Kanye West and ??? Look at this link...

In the meantime we have some tech options quivering waiting for a hook up with a sugar daddy.

Call us and we'll arrange a date...