Take an idea, wrap it in an emotion, and you have a story
Simplicity is about subtraction – It’s about sacrifice
Rusty Ad Metal Aloha
Better done than Perfect
In youth culture size is still the enemy of cool
Deeds not words
People often confuse publicity with achievement
Indifference to chance is a great vanity in any game
Maturity is a high price for growing up
Speed calls the shots
Growth without purpose is just vanity
There’s no upside in Karaoke

I have been privileged to work with some of the best in design, photography and art direction - some of whose work is in these image samples:


The 5 Mikes -

Salisbury / Quinones / Morville / Gruska / Funk... and

Jay Vigon / Rick Sereini / Simon Lafranchi / Warren Ellison

Andy Juric / Kyle Canon / Brett Walker / John van Hamersfeld